Social Media Management

The Social Media Marketing for business owners, executives, and marketing professionals will help to significantly improve abilities to grow social strategy using effective, proven methodologies.
Ebenezer · May 24, 2020

Course Overview

This hands on course is a social media skills masterclass for anyone involved in online communication and content. It presents an alternative, strategic perspective on how social media should be managed. You will be encouraged to challenge both what you already believe and what you may have been told about what constitutes an effective approach to social media. You will learn practical techniques to harness the latest online platforms and trends for strategic impact. You will learn how to ensure that activity creates measurable value, rather than simply using tools or creating engagement.

Course modules:

  • New social media channels
  • Social media integration: aligning online and offline strategies
  • Content creation for social media
  • Managing social media teams
  • Extended applications of social media
  • Community engagement in social media
  • Event management in social media
  • Tracking return on investment in social media

Assessment/Project: Yes

Previous Experience: None required

Certification: Yes

  • Smartphone
  • Internet
  • Notebook/Notepad

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