3D & Animation Development

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In these courses, you’ll learn about character creation, walk cycles, 3D modeling and texturing, and keyframe animation, and build skills with popular visual effects applications like Maya, 3ds Max, After Effects, and more.

Learn 3D Animation for Film & Video Games

CG Spectrum’s 3D animation for beginners course prepares you for an exciting career where no two days are the same!

Using creativity and problem solving, 3D Animators use motion to bring characters, vehicles and props to life in films, video games, and TV shows.

You’ll be personally mentored by a world-class industry expert who will show you the latest tools and techniques used by top studios. Learn 3D animation from the best and gain a competitive advantage over your peers!

This online 3D animation for beginners course covers all of the essentials, including the 12 Principals, body mechanics, and how to rig your very own character. You’ll finish the course with a solid foundation in 3D, a portfolio piece, and confidence using Maya software.

Assessment/Project: Yes

Previous Experience: None required

Certification: Yes


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